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Kingdom Connections

Kingdom Connections of Greater Dayton

425 N. Findlay Street; Suites 311 & 312

Dayton, OH 45404

Kingdom Connections of Greater Dayton is a 501 (c) (3) corporation dedicated to helping declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ across our city. We recognize that neighborhoods are the appropriate geographic/scriptural model, and that “key” churches, close to the center of each neighborhood, aided by appropriately located Christian non-profit corporations, can be the most effective delivery system to the residents.

The total ministry reflects a holistic influence on each resident. As such, a support system must be present to insure success. While the message is unashamedly Christian, we seek and anticipate the participation of business, government, educational institutions, private and public foundations, individuals, and churches both suburban and inner-city.

The result will be a city changed in every way. A city where Godly principles lead us to love Him and all people, and labor for the good of all who dwell here.


Our Focus:

Our Assumption – Over the past several decades we have seen our city decline in many ways. Government has brought its money and programs. Agencies, organizations and other well-meaning individuals have brought intelligent, well-developed plans. Unfortunately, to no avail. Thus, we have concluded that money and expertise have little to do with changing our city.

Our Belief – Transformation of a city requires transformation of its citizens. That can only be done by a transforming influence in the lives of those people. That influence has been and will always be the influence of Jesus Christ on the human spirit.

Our Aim – Help the neighborhood church to become the “sanctuary” – (Ezekiel 45) so that those who live within walking distance of a church will be able to find new life in Jesus Christ and all that goes with it.

Anticipated Result – Transformation of the individual is central to helping Dayton and all who live here succeed. Transformed lives, regardless of age, will transform families, friends on their streets, and ultimately their neighborhood. Transformed neighborhoods make our city a better place to live (Zechariah 8:5 “The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there.”) and its citizens better people to know, work with, and live near. Every aspect of life in our city can be expected to improve.

Our Vision – to bring glory to God by connecting people; aiding in God’s capacity to transform lives, and helping that transformation to change Dayton, Ohio, one neighborhood at a time.

Our Mission – to serve as connectors for the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:16), uniting and mobilizing people and resources in order to support neighborhood ministries and organizations “on the streets”  in Dayton. We wish to bring hope and facilitate Godly transformation in Dayton, Ohio.

Our Core Values

We value Dayton – We are committed to both people and place to physical, social, and spiritual renewal.

We value the vulnerable – We share God’s unrelenting concern for the poor, widowed, migrant, sick, prisoner, homeless, and oppressed.

We value leadership – We value a Biblical view of leadership that seeks the welfare of others, uses everyone’s gifts, heals divisions, and develops people.

We value the church – The whole Body of Christ brings tremendous resources. It is God’s vehicle for transformation, and nothing has the influence of a Christ-centered church.

We value empowerment – Our collective work should never patronize, but release and empower.

We value reconciliation –Christ came to reconcile people to Him. To that end, we seek to aid this reconciliation by seeking the welfare of our city and treating all people with respect.

We value risk – Creativity, innovation, and courage will be required.

Contact: Rev. Norm Perkins