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Life Resource Centre

Life Resource Center is the home of programs to promote the sanctity of life and healthy, responsible living.

  • Dayton Right To Life: is the founding organization and 501c4 responsible for any legislative activity and has prompted letter writing campaigns where thousands of letters were sent to legislators in support of life or in opposition to anti-life laws. We have touched over two million people through our awareness booths, events, television and radio commercials. We are a volunteer-driven organization with over 5,000 volunteers and counting. We have helped reduce the number of abortions in Montgomery County by over 40%.
  • The Greater Dayton Pro-Life Education Foundation: is the 501c3 responsible for educational and philanthropic activities.
  • The Mary Ann Walsh Center for Parenting Education: offers prenatal and parenting classes for young people 21 and under who meet specific requirements and make a commitment to positive change. Childcare and limited transportation are provided. There is no cost for our programs.
  • Black Life Issues & Action Network: is a faith-based program dedicated to preserving and protecting the lives of unborn Black children by reducing abortions. Our objective is to strengthen Black families and communities, and restore a culture of life among us.
  • The Stork’s Nest Baby Pantry: Emergency Baby Pantry offers food, clothing, diapers, and accessories. Items are donated by individuals, churches and organizations. We are a resource to the families in need by providing information and educating on other healthy community assistance. We have served over 20,000 families and over 45,000 children through this program.
  • The Abstinence Resource Center: has reached over 200,000 youth and adults with the important message of saving sexual intimacy for the covenant of marriage
  • Right to Life Political Action Commitee: seeks to support Pro-Life candidates for state and local elected public offices.

These programs strive to protect the rights of the unborn and the elderly, the mentally handicapped, the disabled and the terminally ill. We believe that the mother and father who find themselves in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy deserve the options that choose life, including compassion and support. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization.

Life Resource Center

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