Client Spotlight:  Elizabeth

Depressed. Hopeless. Broken.

These are the words former LEC client Elizabeth Marcum used to describe her life before learning about the Life Enrichment Center from a friend.  “Initially, I came for breakfast. I didn’t know what to expect but I was searching for a new direction for my life. Once I came for breakfast, I learned about all of the other services and programs at the LEC like Bible study and crafts and started attending them,” Elizabeth said.

While attending Bible study classes, Elizabeth learned about the LEC’s Recovery Café program. It was there she started to have a breakthrough. “I learned more about what I needed to do to beat my addiction and make positive changes in my life. The community of friends I met at the Cafe were very helpful and supportive.  It helped me to see the light,” she said.

Although her participation did not keep her from relapsing, she kept returning to the Recovery Café because “it forced me to think about the decisions I was making that were ruining my success. I also came back to the LEC because the people always gave me the encouragement and support I needed.”

Elizabeth continued to struggle with avoiding toxic friends, and maintaining sobriety and adequate housing, but while attending LEC’s Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-by World course in August 2020 something clicked. “It was in this class I learned about setting goals. I also learned a lot about how my past was impacting my current decisions and thinking,” she said.

Now, Elizabeth’s future looks bright. She is excited about the possibility of getting better housing and regaining custody of her daughter.  Upon graduation, her goals were “to get a job and get her daughter back.” She already reached her first goal: She landed a job at Cassano’s Pizza King Warehouse in November 2020. She also opened a bank account and is saving money.

“I am so much happier now. I have a new safe place to live. I have goals and dreams again. I have learned a lot coming to the LEC. People tell me that I am different, and I tell them it’s because I know how to set boundaries because of the Getting Ahead class I took at the LEC. It is also because of all the support I have received along the way. All I can say is thank you so much,” she said with a smile.