Our Community Gardens are off to a great start with the help of our Garden Coordinator of the past three seasons, Charlie Stoker. We are thankfu

l for Charlie and his expertise each year, educating us on how to manage and grow our gardens.

Did you know the best time to grow a garden is June-Oct, and you need to stop planting by the first of July? Our community garden started in

2016 with 25 garden beds;  today we have 50 beds, 42 are managed by our clients, volunteers and community members. The eight perimeter beds are a mixture of annuals and perennials to not only beautify the garden area, but also to bring in pollinators (eg-bees, butterflies, etc.).

This year the tomatoes are the most popular crop, while okra is the least popular. Did you know Okra will grow up to six feet?

You can find Charlie, and our gardeners maintaining their gardens during client hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. In case you missed your chance at working in our gardens, we’d like to share with you a few tidbits to help you at home:

Gardening for Beginners—How to grow the best vegetables:Charlie Stoker in the community Garden

    1. SPACE YOUR CROPS PROPERLY—Pay attention to the spacing guide on the seed packets and plant tags.
    2. USE HIGH-QUALITY SEEDS AND PLANTS—Make sure “use by date” on packet is the current year
    3. WATER PROPERLY—water plants early in the morning or later in the evening
    4. PLANT AND HARVEST AT THE RIGHT TIME—Every plant has its own planting dates so be sure to check the seed packet or the plant tab. Plant after frost date to insure plant survival.
    5. ROTATE CROPS– From planting season to planting season rotate crops to insure the soil is not depleted of nutrients and to maintain a healthy crop.

We THANK Five Rivers Metro Park and Berns Garden Center for the seed and plant donations. We also THANK the volunteers, particularly the Elders from the Church of latter Day Saints, who cleaned and prepared the beds for planting.

*Garden Trivia*—the first person to answer correctly, will have first dibs on a garden in our 2022 season— What vegetable takes the least amount of time to grow? Email info@daytonlec.org with your answer.