By Nicole StevensDeneise in front of LEC Sign

If you have been at the Life Enrichment Center at all for the past fifteen years, you would easily see Deneise Lane-Shaw around making sure the building stays clean and hear her contagious laugh.  She has been on our staff as Facility Assistant for four years now.

Her journey to the Dayton area was not what anyone would call a smooth one.  She originally moved to Dayton from Chicago in 1980, but then had to move back to Chicago and stay with family in 2007 in order to get her life back together.  “I do not remember the time period from when I was 30-45 because I was an alcoholic,” Deneise said.

Deneise got back on her feet and then returned to Dayton in 2009, got married and started her journey to sobriety.  On her return, she decided to get reacquainted with the Life Enrichment Center.  She began coming as a client before she left Dayton, and she needed a volunteer position in order to get food stamps.  She volunteered for 5 years and started at the front desk.  She then worked in the kitchen and then in the cafe as a server.  Four years ago, she took a paid position as Facility Assistant.  However, if you ask Deneise, she will tell you it was never about the money, “this place feels right when you walk in,” She reminisced.

Deneise has been completely sober for four years and has a full time position at Family Dollar.  She actually started out as a customer, but noticed that they were short staffed and asked if they needed help.  She started working the next week. Even though this job is challenging for her, she looks forward to what this will mean for her future.

We are sorry to see her leave us after so many years at the LEC, but she said that she “loves everyone here and will come back when she can.”  We congratulate Deneise on this new adventure and wish her all the best!  Thank you for your many years of service to the community!

It Begins with ONE.

Nicole Stevens was introduced to the Life Enrichment Center by her Grandma and Aunt nine years ago and has been serving there to this day.  Ever since she was a young child, she has had a passion to help others which was mostly because of the influence of her family.  She has spent most of her adult life volunteering in church and facilitating different classes like Bible Studies, Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By World, and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.