Esther (from the Bible)

by Jim Davis

One important takeaway from Esther is that it’s sometimes easy to see when a person is in need and what you can do to help. We call those “softballs” because they’re easy to recognize and fit well with our own skills and abilities. In this case, Esther was reluctant to get involved until Mordecai reminded her that perhaps she had been chosen as queen for just this reason: to save her people. At that point, she understood that she had the position and the means to make a difference…. In softball terms, she stepped up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park.
When someone is pitching you softballs, don’t let yourself be called out on strikes. Join us on September 16 for the 20th Anniversary of the Life Enrichment Center and learn how you can make a difference.
Remember, It Begins With One.
Will that One be you . . .