A New Choice Pantry (LEC Mart) is Opening November 3

After receiving support from the 100+ Men Who Care of Dayton, we are opening up an additional pantry for our clients to use their participation points and shop.

The LEC Mart will have household items ranging from holiday decorations to small appliances. This pantry will not take the place of the Choice Pantry, but gives our clients more options and incentives to participate in our Exchange Charity model.

Jennifer Allen, a longtime volunteer at the LEC, first came up with the idea that our clients might need more than just food in our pantry. “When Jennifer presented the idea at the beginning of the summer I was onboard right away and once funding was secured we hit the ground running.” Shayna Thomas, Director of Development

Our staff and volunteers then asked our clients, what would you like to have in the new pantry? This was where we starting hearing about holiday decorations, pots and pans, and many of the other items that will be found in the pantry. “When we really listen to our guests as they express their needs, our response as an organization is to find ways for them to build resources using creativity and opportunity.” – Jennifer Allen, Volunteer.

We are grateful to Jennifer, our clients and 101+ Men Who Care of Dayton for the creation of LEC Mart.