Greetings LEC friends,

I am excited for the start of summer and to see the LEC Community Gardens in bloom.  All 50 of our raised beds are being utilized as well as our large corner plot for squash, eggplant and the larger vegetables.  The gardens are a great place for building community and learning the ins and outs of growing food.  Charlie Stoker, our garden coordinator, does a great job getting the beds ready, obtaining a variety of plants and helping everyone get started on their gardening journey.  We have a very diverse population this year, and it is a pleasure to see the activity and relationship building taking place.

Darlene West, affectionately known as “Miss Darlene” has done a marvelous job of reopening our Fitness Center.  She is very organized and conscientious about cleanliness and sanitation.  Miss Darlene has been putting procedures in place to keep things running smoothly as well as looking at new possibilities for programs in the Fitness Center.  We are blessed to have her here at the LEC.

I would like to invite you to save the date for our Fall Fundraiser on September 16.  It will be nice to see faces again and interact with all of you who have made the mission of the LEC possible.  Thanks so much for your support over the many years and your faithfulness to changing our community through changing lives.


Jeffrey Sorrell, Executive Director of Life Enrichment Center