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The Life Enrichment Center is a Christian-based, nonprofit organization working in collaboration with area partners to provide life building, life sustaining services to the underserved in the Miami Valley. That is the mission and it is lived out through our special programs and through collaboration with partnering organizations that have joined us in our efforts to serve the underserved.

Special programs meet specific needs in the community. Some programs are the product of successful collaborations with other organization. Other programs serve a unique population like seniors or nonprofit leaders and operate on a schedule outside of our typical service hours. These programs include the East Dayton Senior Collaborative, the newly formed Leadership Development Institute, and the Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative.

On-site partner agencies are organizations that reside within the LEC building, allowing clients to benefit from a broad range of available services. Non-profit agencies are working together to increase sustainability and maximize client impact.

Supporting partners are organizations, businesses, churches and idividuals that provide financial, material and/or volunteer support. Supporting partners make it possible to do what we do week in and week out. They bless us so that we can bless others.

Community partners are area ministries or organizations which receive support from the LEC when we are blessed beyond what it needed to meet our clients’ needs. Some receive food items on a regular basis for their own feeding ministries, while others have special events for which the LEC is able to provide some resources.