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Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals afflicted with cancer by focusing on their physical and spiritual health.

  • Exercise¬†improves the quality of life & supports the tolerance of treatment for cancer patients and cancer survivors. The Maple Tree Cancer Alliance employs certified cancer exercise trainers who design a personalized, structured progression of cancer rehabilitation for each patient, from the initiation of cancer treatment through two years post treatment.
  • Personalized nutrition plans help patients manage treatment side effects and maintain a healthy weight. A food and nutrition professional is available to provide nutritional counseling, develop meal plans, and monitor the body weight, caloric, and dietary needs of a person diagnosed with and being treated for cancer. Counseling will be available for clients during all phases of nutritional rehabilitation.
  • Fellowship and prayer support the emotional and spiritual health of patients and their families. We realize that receiving news of a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. After receiving such news, it is very common to feel scared, sad, and angry. At Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, we promote a Christian-based approach to spiritual health and healing. We meet monthly for structured prayer support groups and are also available for one-on-one prayer for both patients and their families. In addition, a trained member of the clergy is available to offer spiritual guidance and support in health crisis situations.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

425 N. Findlay Street

Dayton, Ohio 45404

Ph. 937-447-8213

Fx. 937-424-0677