What an exciting time it’s been at LEC! We came back to the classroom in June and have been full speed ahead ever sincGED student doing some work on their owne. Over the past few months we’ve added a new teacher, an extra classroom, and many new students.

We have a wonderful staff at LEC! Rhonda, a veteran of 7.5 years with ASPIRE, keeps us organized and moving forward while teaching the math portion of things. Most recently Rhonda has been tackling Algebra basics, students have learned so much about fractions, exponents, factorization, and solving for variables.

Our resident newbie Kathryn began working with Rhonda in November and currently teaches the Social Studies and language arts prep portion of our ASPIRE classes. Our two volunteer tutors, Bret and Randy, are a great support in the classroom, helping students individually with math  preparedness a couple of days a week.  Their help is such an asset to Rhonda, Kathryn, and most importantly, the students!

Classes are every Tuesday-Thursday morning from 9:00am-12:00pm. We teach basics for Construction Craft, and offer face to face competency testing as needed. We began a Construction Craft class of eight students in January. Rhonda, Kathryn, Frank and Chef Randall all work together to prepare these students for success! Recent lessons have included a tools demonstration, ratios and measurements, and goal-setting exercises.

We have been in a wonderful partnership with the Life Enrichment Center for 3.5 years. Our students benefit from the support of the local community. At LEC, our students earn points for attendance that they may use for shopping at the Choice Pantry, allowing them to stock up on essentials for their home pantries. Recently, LEC has been kind enough to provide us with another furnished room for our growing class. We’ve added additional space which has been   invaluable for proper social distancing to accommodate our increasing enrollment.

We have a recent graduate to brag about, Billy Meadows.  He earned his GED on January 6th. Congratulations to Billy! We are so proud of you!   ~Rhonda and Kathryn, GED instructors at LEC