One of the first word’s a child learns is “Mommy”. The first question a child seems to learn is “Why Mommy?’. Many a mother has been driven to near insanity because of the incessant “why?”, “why?”, “why?” of a toddler.
British author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek’s TEDX Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” has been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube (if you have never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it!). His book “Start With Why” that unpacks this talk has sold millions of copies. At the core (or as Sinek calls it, ‘The Golden Circle’), people are not as interested in what you do, or how you do it. They want to know WHY you do it.
One of the reasons I felt led to apply for the role of the Executive Director at the Life Enrichment Center was LEC’s “Why?”… Because Everyone Has Value. LEC’s “why” aligns so well with my personal mission statement, “To challenge, equip, and encourage others to reach their full potential”. Why settle for mediocrity? Why not your best?
I can think of at least three reasons ‘Everyone Has Value’:
• Because everyone is created in the image of God.
• Because Jesus died for all.
• Because everyone has something to contribute to the world.
Over the next several weeks, we will be digging into these three. Hope you will join me.
By the way, “What’s Your Why?”
Randy Chestnut, Executive Director of the Life Enrichment Center