The Imago Dei

In his most recent book, ‘The Life We’re Looking For’, author Andy Crouch writes about a very moving experience that took place at Chicago’s O’Hare (ORD) International Airport. Crouch had a couple of hours to kill before boarding a connecting flight. If you have ever been to/through ORD, you know it is massive! Instead of sitting and waiting for the next flight, he decided to use the time getting in a little exercise by walking. In addition to exercising his body, he saw this as an opportunity to exercise his heart and soul as well.
“I had recently been thinking about one of the most striking ways that the Hebrew Scriptures describe human beings: “made in the image of God,” male and female, all part of one human family. Radical when it was first written down in Genesis, and still challenging today, it’s an idea worth pondering.”
As he would pass someone, he would say to himself “Image-bearer”.
“I passed a weary-looking man in a suit. ‘Image bearer’. Right behind him was a woman in a sari. ‘Image bearer’. A mother pushed a stroller with a young baby; a young man, presumably the baby’s father, walked next to her, half holding, half dragging a toddler by the hand. ‘Image bearer’, ‘image bearer’, ‘image bearer’, ‘image bearer’… those two words, ‘image bearer’—carried an emotional and spiritual weight that I can still feel, years later.”
Why does the Life Enrichment Center believe, ‘Everyone Has Value’.? Because everyone is an image-bearer. The homeless man, ‘image bearer’. The elderly widow, ‘image bearer’. The recovering addict, ‘image bearer’. The staff and volunteers, ‘image bearers’. While the Scriptures declare, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1 ESV), they don’t bear His image. Only people do that.