Recently, the Dayton Daily News had two front-page articles that, at first glance, seem to present a paradox:
“Companies Seek Workers to Fill Hundreds of Jobs”, DDN 06/27/2022
“Food Assistance Need Still Prevalent in Dayton Region”, DDN 06/24/2022
This seems like an easy fix. But, as we dig in, we discover that it is not that easy. The fact is, that many of the available jobs require some type of post-secondary training.
Today, 60% of all jobs require a minimum two-year college degree or credentialed equivalent. In our community(45403-45404 Zip Code):
  • The number of adults that have not completed high school is near 3x the national average.
  • The percentage of adults 25+ that have a minimum two-year degree is 20% lower than the national average.
  • The graduation rate for Dayton Public Schools (the largest school district in our city) is 74%.
Nationally, 45% of adults that do not have a high school diploma live below the poverty line.  Our neighbors need our help if they are going to be equipped for good-paying jobs.

But more than a job, a calling!

While work provides us with the means of providing for our personal and family material and financial needs, it does much more. Work gives us a sense of meaning and purpose. Working at something we enjoy gives us a sense of happiness and life satisfaction. Work also allows us to contribute to the flourishing of our community. Pastors and missionaries are not the only people who are ‘called’. Nursing, teaching, auto mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, painting…these all can be callings.
For the past several years, the Life Enrichment Center has been blessed to partner with the Miami Valley Career Tech Center in providing Basic Adult Education, GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), and computer literacy classes. Additionally, MVCTC has conducted Core Construction Classes and Culinary Arts Training. Beginning in the Fall of 2022, our goal is to expand the times and types of classes offered.

As we prepare for this Fall, we need your help.

 The Life Enrichment Center has been hit with several large and unexpected facility repair expenses totaling almost $25,000.00. Utilities are up significantly. Coupled with the fact that summer is typically our slowest season in receiving donations, this presents us with a unique challenge. But what we see as a problem, could actually be a possibility. I like what someone said, “Blessings are often missed because they come disguised as trials.”

I would ask you to pray and ask God if and how much He would have you give to get our facility ready for the Fall. And as you do, let me say thank you in advance.
Randy Chestnut, Executive Director