Work is not a bad thing. Work is a good thing. Work existed in the Garden BEFORE the Fall of Man (Genesis 2:15). But, as a result of the Fall, work is much more difficult (Genesis 3), like everything else in life.

But, God is not only in the business of redeeming individuals. He is in the business of redeeming work.

You and I were created by the Creator to create! Some were created to help bring physical healings to others (doctors, nurses, medical technicians, etc…). Others were created to protect us (soldiers, fire-fighters, police officers). And still others were created to build our homes, schools, places of business, places of worship carpenters, masons, plumbers, iron workers, welders, electricians).

At the Life Enrichment Center, and in partnership with the Miami Valley Career Tech Center, our adult education and job training programs are about much more than a better paycheck (although, that is important). It is about helping you find your calling, your vocation.


Randy, Executive Director of Life Enrichment Center