Effective November 18, 2022:
The Life Enrichment Center does not plan to reopen.

Partner organizations with offices at 425 N. Findlay remain open. Select Life Enrichment Center Senior programs continue at alternate locations through mid-December. Contact edsc@daytonlec.org for information.

East Dayton Senior Collaborative

The East Dayton Senior Collaborative (EDSC) program invites seniors to a free, weekly program on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We provide seniors with activities and programs that help to improve their quality of life, enable them to advance their digital literacy skills, keep them healthy and socially connected, and engage them in volunteerism in their community.

Limited transportation is available.

For meeting locations and more information, contact Karen Jackson at edsc@daytonlec.org

“Life changes occur slowly for me. My financial situation is basically the same during this decade of life, but the Life Enrichment Center has always enriched my life as a major contributor to me physically, informatively and also socially, a melting pot of flavors.”

- LEC Client

“Life Enrichment Center to me is a place where if a rich man is having a bad day, he can come to the LEC and they won’t say, What’s that rich man doing here? They welcome everyone. I love it here!”

- LEC Client

“I have been coming to the LEC for a long time. I like the variety of classes that are available and all the friendly smiling faces.”

- LEC Client

“I come to LEC because it’s a great and fun center. The crew is nice to get along with and they have many good programs to help people out. I bring a few people here from time to time for them to get certain help they might need. Hooray for the Life Enrichment Center!”

- LEC Client

“I’m new to the Life Enrichment Center. I come here to use the fitness equipment to help with my Fibromyalgia. I meet lots of great people and the food is wonderful. Next week I’m going to try the computer class because I’ve been told it’s a great class for someone with limited computer skills.”

- LEC Client

“I actually came to the LEC for food. It is worth coming back for. I keep coming back because I enjoy the interesting classes plus it is a different spirit here, a different soul.”

- LEC Client

“I’m a single mother of four. I love it there since I’ve been struggling with my four babies that need everything. Thank you for helping us!! God bless you!”

- Mariah

“I started coming to the Recovery Cafe from the beginning and grand opening. I have lots of problems that I need recovery from. It has helped me to recover from shyness and pushing others away. Now I love others as they are. When I come to Thursday group, it helps me to stay on the right path.”

- Elizabeth

“The Choice Pantry helps to eliminate expenses at home. I no longer have to borrow from others, but have enough to get through the end of the month. I enjoy earning my points and learning wisdom from the classes. They help me to do things differently and make choices that help keep me sober and healthy.”

- Althea

Shawn Montgomery –
A Life Transformed

Among the many services available to and utilized by Shawn at the Life Enrichment Center, he selected workforce training and a life skills course. He was then able to reenter the workforce after receiving job experience, current references, and much more. See his story…

Shawn Montgomery LEC Story