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Bike Shoppe & Safety Village

The Lec Bike Shoppe , renovated by volunteers and made possible by a grant from the UPS Foundation in addition to private donations, offers several news programs that serve to impact the Dayton community on multiple levels.

The LEC Bike Shoppe aims to educate & promote pedal power! The programs include:

Earn-A-Bike Program

The Life Enrichment Center Earn-A-Bike program is a class where students are learning the fundamentals of bike repair, safety and hands on experience in the maintenance of a bike. Read more here

MAK Town Safety Village

The buildings for the MAK Town Safety Village are in place and the City of Dayton has donated signs, signals, a fire hydrant, crossing signals and parking meters. This village will allow children 3rd grade and under to start early in the development of their road safety skills while having fun at the same time. Read more here

Recycle-A-Bike Program

This program supplies bikes for all of the cycling initiatives of the Life Enrichment center. Bikes that are donated fuel the Earn-A-Bike and Errand Bike programs. The LEC welcomes donations of ANY bikes, parts and new helmets. Read more here

 Errand Bike Program

ERRAND BIKES are available for employees to check-out if they are part of a participating business or agency. They can be ridden for a round trip errand that is business related or for employees own use over lunch. Read more here

Take A Look: Dayton City 2025 Bike Plan