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Bike Shoppe & Safety Village

The Lec Bike Shoppe , renovated by volunteers is made possible by a grant from the UPS Foundation in addition to private donations; There are several new programs that serve to impact the Dayton community and aims to educate & promote pedal power! The programs include:

Earn-A-Bike Program

The Life Enrichment Center Earn-A-Bike program is a class where students are learning the fundamentals of bike repair, safety and hands on experience in the maintenance of a bike. Read more here

MAK Town Safety Village

The Life Enrichment Center is proud to offer the MAK Town Safety Village to children in our community. Built with a grant from the Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund and other supporters, MAK Town Safety Village sits adjacent to the Life Enrichment Center’s Bike Shoppe. With buildings, streets and road signs just the right size for peddle cars, the child- centered MAK Town Safety Village is home to a fun and practical educational program. Young children learn bike, pedestrian, fire, and water safety skills in a creative and dynamic setting. This village will allow children in the 3rd grade and under to start early in the development of their road safety skills while having fun at the same time.

Instruction provided by the Dayton Police Department Included:

  • Bicycle Safety
  • Recognition of safety signs
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Railroad safety
  • Stranger danger
  • School bus safety
  • Water safety
  • Safety patrol and school crosswalk
  • Fire and burn safety
  • Child passenger safety
  • Appropriate use of 911
  • Introduction to the roles of police officers, firefighters and paramedics

For more information on Mak Town click here.

Recycle-A-Bike Program

This program supplies bikes for all of the cycling initiatives of the Life Enrichment center. Bikes that are donated fuel the Earn-A-Bike program. The LEC welcomes donations of ANY bikes, parts and new helmets. Read more here

If you wish to be a part of Safety Village in 2019, fill the form below and stay connected with us!