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Health & Wellness

Health and Fitness are a large part of our mission because chronic disease is a barrier not only to employment and productivity but they directly impact an individual’s quality of life. Lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on individual well being, both physically and emotionally. Change is difficult to make and the Life Enrichment Center offers a supportive and encouraging environment to make some of these changes in the context of relationships.

The fitness center is staffed with a certified trainer as well as volunteers. The fitness center is currently open for use from 9 – 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Nurses from Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County have an office next to the Fitness Center and provide access to regular blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. These nurses are also a great educational resource to clients.

Health Programs are held on a regular basis throughout the month with classes presented on common health issues and topics such as diabetes and asthma. A major health fair takes place the last Thursday of September at the Life Enrichment Center led by several of our Heath and Education Supporting Partners.

Nutrition classes are provided on a regular basis by Registered Dietitians from Ohio State Extension.