Meet Dottie Jackson

Dorothy “Dottie” Jackson has been volunteering at the Life Enrichment Center since 2005. Her first introduction to the LEC occurred when  someone told her she could get some food at a place on Irwin Street.  On that very first day, she asked if she could help out and  has been volunteering ever since.

When the LEC was located on Irwin Street, Dottie organized groceries for over 100 clients each day.  The LEC has changed how groceries are provided and Dottie now manages the Choice Pantry,  rewarding those participating in classes to choose groceries just like going to a store.

Karen Alice, our Client Services Director said, “Dottie is extremely flexible and is willing to do what is needed. She is very empathetic with our guests.” Karen Alice also mentioned that Dottie has a great spirit – she truly emulates the meaning of being Jesus’ hands and feet.

Dottie is a kind, considerate, humble person, who does not volunteer for platitudes or recognition.  She enjoys being behind the scenes, so when she was approached for this article, she was very hesitant.  We are blessed that Dottie chose the Life Enrichment Center and is dedicated to serving our clients with love and dignity.