Greetings Everyone,Picture of Jeff Sorrell

We are quickly approaching the Holiday season and the end of another year here at the Life Enrichment Center. As always things are changing and we are trying our best to serve our guests in a way that restores dignity and is in line with our exchange charity model.

We have changed our Resources and Referrals office to Community Resource Connections which better describes what we do in that area. We are adding the LEC Mart to our services, which is a 2.0 version of our Choice Pantry. The LEC team determined that some of our guests did not have proper kitchen utensils, cookware and other items that most of us take for granted. So, we have added the LEC Mart to enable them to use earned points to shop for a variety of new items that they would not have available to them in the Choice Pantry.

Our theme this year is “It Begins With One”; and we believe that all of those we serve have tremendous value and can use their gifts, talents and abilities to be “the one” to make a difference in someone else’s life.

As we close out 2021 and move into the New Year we invite you to be someone who invests in those around you and gives an opportunity for transformational change in the life of another.

Blessings, Jeffrey Sorrell-Founder and Executive Director of the Life Enrichment Center