Congratulations to New “Getting Ahead” Facilitator Jennifer Allen    Nicole Stevens with Jennifer Allen (new GA Facilitator)

Jennifer Allen recently completed facilitator training for our Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-by World course.  This course covers items like:  Causes of Poverty, Hidden Rules of Class, Code Switching, Using Language to Solve Conflicts, and Building Resources.  By the end of the course the goal is for an individual to be able to identify and understand their personal and community resources and set goals on how to build the areas that are lacking.  The Life Enrichment Center has been providing this course since 2017.  Here is a short video that describes the Getting Ahead program at the Life Enrichment Center

“Jennifer is a great asset to our Getting Ahead (GA) Facilitator team.  She has already shown herself to be very passionate about the material as well as sharing what she knows with the community.”–Nicole Stevens, Administrative/Communications Director and GA Facilitator