Dear LEC family and friends

I am honored to join you as the Life Enrichment Center Board Chair. While my path with the LEC has not been long, it has impacted my life.

I have been a member of the not-for-profit community in and out of the Dayton region for more than 30 years and I rarely see an organization that is as dedicated to its clients as the LEC. I worked for the Red Cross for many years and I know how important meeting basic human needs (food, shelter, clothing) are to allowing a person to recover, grow, and establish themselves.  These needs fulfilled, paired with the ability to learn life and/or career skill, grow spiritually, and have emotional support are what makes this organization so incredibly important-it can transform lives.

I’m told that God gives us signs; we just don’t always see them. When I was invited to a LEC fundraiser by then board member, Jim Owens, I knew this organization was amazing, but I didn’t see the signs. Yet God kept putting the LEC in my path-meetings with staff and board members to help build the organization, fundraisers, and even my organization partnering on programs that kept bringing me to the LEC! I understand now I’m supposed to be here, and I realize I need to be here.  Join me on this path, share with me, grow with me. Let’s continue to make the LEC what people need to transform their lives.

I look forward to meeting you along the path.

Take care

Ricia Ballas, Board Chair of Life Enrichment Center